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Misprinted Caribbean Sparkle Waterproof Oxford

Misprinted Caribbean Sparkle Waterproof Oxford

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Our printer messed up and sent us a roll of fabric where the print is a little blurry and the color looks a little duller than the original. See the photo of the two for a side-by-side comparison. The left side is what we have that is imperfectly printed. The right side is a previous print run.

Quantity = number of yards or cuts

Width: ~58-59" of print

Stretch: None

    Cut Sizes
    Most orders are "cut to order" but please do specify when ordering multiple yards if you would prefer them to be all one piece, as there is a chance that we may sometimes have some already cut. If it matters, leave a note for us!

    • Yard (36" x full width)
    • Half-Yard (18" x full width)


    NOTE: Images represent the print designs, so the colors may vary slightly when they are printed on the fabric. And of course, colors vary from one screen to the next. We've done our best to provide accurate representations of design, color, and scale.

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