About Printy-PUL

Our Printy-PUL is a soft fabric that is waterproof and breathable. Use Printy-PUL fabric anywhere you need to block moisture. Our Printy-PUL fabric is a poly knit laminated a clear polyurethane that is applied using heat (not chemicals).

- Quality printing will not fade with washing
- 2-layer waterproof, breathable fabric
- Polyurethane (TPU) backing applied using eco-friendly method instead of solvents
- Safe for skin contact

66% polyester / 34% polyurethane, 167 gsm

Quantity = number of yards or cuts

Width  50-56 (see design description) inches of print (approximately 1" of unprinted fabric on top/bottom)

Stretch  2-Way, approximately 15%

Our Printy-PUL meets all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards and does not contain:

  • Lead or heavy metals
  • BPA
  • Phthalates
  • PVCs,diisocynates, chlorine, or migratable plasticizers
  • Latex

    Things you can make with our 2mil Printy-PUL:

    Baby Items
    Diaper Pail Liners
    Stroller Covers
    Crib Mattress Covers
    Changing Pads
    Snack Bags - our PUL is food safe!

    Pet Items
    Pet Raincoats
    Doggies Diapers
    Doggie Incontinence Pads
    Dog/Cat Bed Liners (to protect the inner cushion)

    Wet Bags
    Adult Diapers/Feminine Hygiene Care
    Mattress Covers/Waterproof Bedding Protectors
    Snack Bags - remember, our PUL is food safe

    And PUL makes a fabulous liner for bags, totes, and purses! 

    Cut Sizes
    Orders for multiples of the same cut size will be cut separately unless you leave an order comment at checkout requesting them as one piece (e.g. 3 yards will be shipped as individual yards unless you request all 3 yards as one piece). Orders that include different cut sizes of the same fabric will be cut separately unless you leave an order comment at checkout requesting them as one piece. Cuts of over 5 yards are not guaranteed to be one piece.

    • Yard (36" x full width)
    • Half-Yard (18" x full width)
    • Diaper Cut (20" x 20")