About Waterproof Oxford

Sew your own bags and more with our waterproof 100% polyester oxford cloth. Printed with a great design, finished with DWR (durable water repellent), and laminated with smooth white polyurethane on the back. The fabric surface has a woven texture, and digital printing with textural and color variations give it a unique character. Use for diaper bags, wet bags, tote bags, purses, and carry cases. You can even use it for luggage, seat covers, dog beds, picnic blankets, and any place you need to keep dry and protected. We recommend one-inch FOE for finishing the edges.

Waterproof Oxford feels and performs like a heavy duty fabric, but doesn't have any of the usual sewing irritations of heavy weight material (thickness, difficulty folding & cutting, etc.).  This makes the waterproof oxford a lot more versatile, as there isn't any rigid stiffness or bulky weight to limit its uses.

  • Both sides of the fabric are waterproof
  • Medium-weight, and very durable (~7oz / 210 gsm)
  • Polyurethane back does not stain or show dirt

Quantity = number of yards or cuts

Width = 60 inches, print is 58" 

Cut Sizes

Orders for multiples of the same cut size or that include different cut sizes of the same fabric will be cut separately unless you leave an order comment at checkout requesting them as one piece. Cuts of over 5 yards are not guaranteed to be one piece.

  • Yard (36" x full width)
  • Half-yard (18" x full width)

The fabric may have fold lines in it from shipping. Toss in a warm dryer for a few minutes or iron on low to remove folds. Do not prewash. Machine wash not recommended. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Hang to dry.

Use a universal needle and 100% polyester thread. This fabric does not stretch or shrink. The fabric cuts very nicely - even with pinking shears.  It sews smoothly and does not stick to the presser foot or feed dogs like laminated cotton can.  To avoid pinprick marks when piecing layers together, use clips or pin inside the seam allowance. 

How is Waterproof Oxford different from PUL Fabric?
PUL fabric is meant to be worn, so it stretches and it breathes for comfort. Waterproof Oxford is meant for useful items such as diaper bags. It is a bit stiffer, does not stretch, and water beads up on both sides of it. Also, PUL Fabric has a clear polyurethane laminate on the back; Waterproof Oxford has a thicker black or white polyurethane laminate.